Monday, November 18, 2013 specializes in colloidal silver salves, remedies and pet supplements for dogs and cats. 

Colloidal silver has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties, making it an extremely effective ingredient in human and pet supplements alike, particularly those designed to strengthen the immune system and combat infections -- fungal, bacterial and viral. carries an array of products containing colloidal silver for cats and dogs. Supplements, topical treatments and colloidal silver dog shampoos are among our most popular products.

Anti-bacterial colloidal silver dog shampoos are ideal for animals suffering from chronic skin infections like hot spots and staph infections.

Many pet parents also buy dog supplements with colloidal silver for their immune system boosting properties. We also carry an array cat supplements with colloidal silver, which help your feline friend to avoid infections, so kitty will stay happy and healthy!

If you're seeking affordable, high-quality products with colloidal silver for cats and dogs, trust

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