Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pro Biotics and Colon Health

Pro Biotics are the good bacteria that colonize and grow the the colon area. They help to deal with bad bacteria and viruses. They stimulate the production of some enzymes and vitamins.
Most pro biotics sold for animals are very low dosed, (under a billion cfu's per gram) and not very effective in dealing with common colon problems. I suggest products with at least 10 billion cfu's per gram.

Something to consider when purchasing a pro biotic for you pet is not only the cfu's but the specific strains. Most strains just colonize. Nutrition Pets sells a product that is a pro-biotic for pets and aggressively colonizes, digests and removes buildup on the colon wall and attacks yeast. This product will produce an environment in the colon where assimilation of nutrients can happen normally.

Restore is one of the strongest pro-biotics for pets on the market
Nutrition Pets offers all natural supplements for your pets, especially your cat or dog. We have supplement solutions for allergies, arthritis, digestion, pain relief, topical health and weight loss, many of our products contain Colloidal Silver a natural antibacterial anti-fungal remedy. Overall, Nutrition Pets takes pride in offering Pet Supplements that work!

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